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Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins June 1st

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[Hurricane Season Start Dates]

Welcome to Atlantic Hurricane Season 2014! June 1st is the official start of the Atlantic season, however the eastern Pacific season begins earlier — May 15th to be exact.


Let’s talk briefly about the eastern Pacific season thus far: Hurricane Amanda formed May 22nd as a tropical depression, but had grown to category 4 status by May 25th. Amanda was dubbed the strongest May hurricane ever on record for the eastern Pacific, falling just one mile-per-hour shy of category 5 designation.

Another storm is already forming in the eastern Pacific, which will likely become Boris, the second named system in the E. Pacific this year. These are the names for the 2014 Pacific Hurricane Season, as issued by the National Hurricane Center:

2014 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Names, Pacific storms, hurricane, hurricane season, tropical storms, 2014
[2014 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Names]

This next storm will bring plenty of rain and wind to southern Mexico over the next 5-7 days, and could re-emerge in the Bay of Campeche next weekend, continuing to drift northward. It remains unclear at this time if the storm will re-form with any tropical characteristics as it crosses into the Gulf of Mexico, or if it will just become an everyday, run-of-the-mill low pressure system that brings rain to the Gulf.

Possible Tropical Development



This is just a sample of one forecast model (the GFS, affectionately called the “Good For Storms” model, as it suggests tropical development whenever possible) that shows our low pressure system making the trek across Mexico. Get your grain of salt ready…

GFS forecast 1

GFS Forecast 2

Again, still too early to tell exactly what sort of low this will be, but just know that rain is likely (possibly even some heavy rain) for portions of Florida and the rest of the Caribbean. This is something for us to watch in the next few days as this system develops.


2014 Atlantic Hurricane Names, Atlantic, hurricane, tropical storm, tropics, hurricane season, 2014, National Hurricane Center
[2014 Atlantic Hurricane Names]
When our first Atlantic storm DOES form, it will be named Arthur. Did your name make the list this year? The names on the National Hurricane Center lists rotate between male and female and switch order from year to year. Read more about how they choose tropical storm names here:


Finally, I’ll leave you with NOAA’s Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook. They predict a slightly below-average hurricane season, but keep in mind, it only takes one major storm hitting a populated area to make a “bad” hurricane season. If you live in coastal areas, take action and prepare now. Being weather-ready could save your life if a storm does hit your area. Find tips on Hurricane Safety here:

NOAA Atlantic Hurricane Forecast 2014
[NOAA Atlantic Hurricane Forecast 2014]

We’ll be following the tropics closely on air and online here at WeatherNation — make sure you tune in and stay up-to-date this hurricane season! -Meteorologist Miranda Hilgers

Meteorologist Miranda Hilgers
[Meteorologist Miranda Hilgers]
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