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Tropical Update: Overview of the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific

28 Sep 2022, 3:50 pm


For much more on Hurricane Ian, please click here. With the warm sea surface temps and weak upper-level winds, this storm has grown to a category 4, major hurricane. Ian will bring catastrophic impacts in the form of intense winds, extreme flooding and storm surge. Tropical Alerts cover nearly the entire state of Florida and Southeast. Freshwater flooding (from rain) is increasingly becoming a concern as portions of Florida could receive in excess of 20″+, even areas on the Atlantic coast such as Daytona Beach. Tornadoes and storm surge are also HUGE threats – do not let your guard down.

Tropical Depression 11

On Wednesday morning what was Invest 99-L strengthened into Tropical Depression 11 in the open waters of the Central Atlantic. It is NO threat to land and the forecast cone has the storm moving to the north and over open waters. When it gets a name, it will be “Julia”

E. Pacific

It’s not only active in the Atlantic Basin but also in the eastern Pacific, as it has been almost all season. However, we have NO named storms just two areas of interest. One has a HIGH chance of development over the next 5 days as it parallels the Mexican coastline. We will keep you updated on any potential storm impacts.

Stay with WeatherNation for additional tropical developments throughout the hurricane season!

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