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Aurora Alert! Elsewhere, Hot and Cold

14 Jul 2013, 11:08 am

Aurora Alert! Calling all stargazers and space weather buffs: Sunday night will be an active evening in the night sky. The Northern Lights will be visible as far south as Iowa, provided clouds are not present. This is the cloud coverage forecast between 11PM-2AM EDT tonight (Courtesy

Sweltering heat takes hold of the Northeast, while the Central Plains sinks down below average for the next few days. Things don’t feel quite like summer in places like Oklahoma, where afternoon highs took a nosedive between Saturday and Sunday:

These temperatures are considerably below-average for this time of the year as well.

Meanwhile, the Northeast is contending with the scorching heat. The daytime high temperatures are well above average, and will remain warm for at least the next few days.

Humid, muggy air combined with this above-average heat will create oppressively hot conditions around the major metropolitan cities. Heat-related advisories are in place for this prolonged heat wave, due to the triple-digit heat indicies expected in many locations.

Heat can be very dangerous for the young and old, and especially for people who live without air conditioning. Check on elderly neighbors, and check the backseat — don’t leave pets or children in the car for any reason! Temperatures inside vehicles can rise to fatal levels in a matter of minutes.

Midday is one of the hottest times to be outdoors, so try to stay inside during these hours and put off outdoor work until dusk/dawn when the air is cooler. These heat index values are the “feels like” temperature outdoors. Hot enough for ya?

This heat will continue through the next few days, and will be a concern as the MLB All-Star game events take place Sunday through Tuesday in New York at Citi Field. Here’s your forecast for the Futures Game, Home Run Derby, and the All-Star Game itself.

Remember to drink plenty of water and re-apply sunscreen often! And if you’re indoors beating the heat and staying cool, tune in to WeatherNation for forecast updates.

Have a great week ahead! – Meteorologist Miranda Hilgers (Twitter: @mhilgersWNTV)

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