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Aurora Australis Light Up the New Zealand Skies

25 Apr 2017, 2:20 pm

[Credit: Facebook/ Jpg Photography via Storyful]

Stargazers across New Zealand have been gathering to watch the Aurora Australis with a spectacular light show. The Southern Lights have been on full display the last few days with stargazers across the country turning their eyes and cameras to the night skies. Dale Wowk created this time lapse from Coronet Peak overlooking Queenstown. He said it was the first time he has ever seen the Southern Lights in person.

Banks Peninsula Aurora

Two nights of aurora in a row! First time capturing an aurora timelapse and I'm so stoked!! This was taken 23rd April around 9.30pm up on the Summit Road behind Akaroa.

Posted by Jpg Photography on Sunday, April 23, 2017

[Credit: Facebook/ Jpg Photography via Storyful]

“I have been wanting to see an aurora since move here late last year, but haven’t had much luck,” Wowk said. “This was the first time I had ever seen and photographed an aurora and the whole experience seemed unreal. “I’d seen so many photos and video… but to watch the beams dance across the sky and see them pop up on the back on the back of my camera was an incredible experience.”

From Auckland to Otago, the Aurora Australis was beautiful sight to behold. The aurora is a result of solar winds colliding with the earth’s magnetic field, producing electrical disturbances that light up the sky. Like the Aurora Borealis, the Aurora Australis is the Southern Hemisphere’s version of our Northern Lights.

Though the Aurora Australis is not an unusual display in New Zealand, it rarely shows itself on consecutive nights with this intensity. New Zealand media outlet reported that perfect weather conditions meant the lights were visible further north in Auckland and Christchurch, where they are less frequently seen.

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