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Autumn-Like Feel and Trouble For Paradise

28 Jul 2013, 12:19 pm

Happy Sunday to you! I’m not sure whether to head to the lake or the pumpkin patch in parts of the Midwest this weekend, meanwhile there’s trouble heading for Hawaii in the form of Tropical Storm Flossie.

A Tale of Two Weekends

It was a chilly start across the Upper Midwest to Ohio Valley this morning. Check out the numerous record lows that were set! Places from Grand Forks to Paducah and Indianapolis were feeling the chill!

We’re playing the game “Where Would You Rather Be?” this weekend here at WeatherNation. Check out this comparison of Marquette and Juneau. Both started out in the 40s this morning, but Marquette will be 20 degrees COOLER than Juneau today!

Last weekend we had high pressure situated over the Ohio Valley, allowing for heat to build across much of the county. This weekend a low is sitting over the Great Lakes, ushering in Canadian air. Check out some of these temperature comparisons for Chicago and New York. Chicago is a good 20-30 degrees cooler than last weekend!

Cool weather will continue into the first part of the week, with parts of the upper Midwest seeing highs 5-10 degrees below average.

We don’t really have good news for next weekend. After a quick spike in highs in the middle of the week, we’ll watch a similar patter to this weekend set up, allow for more cool air for this time of year across much of the area.

Tropical Storm Flossie

Meanwhile, we’re talking about trouble in paradise. Hawaii is bracing for an impact from Tropical Storm Flossie. Check out this shot from Hilo Bay earlier today.

Here is Flossie on satellite. She is about 535 miles east of Hilo, HI and moving westward at 20 mph.

On this path, Flossie should hit the Hawaiian Islands on Monday. Tropical Storm Warnings are in effect for Hawaii and Maui Counties, which includes Hilo and Maui. A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for Oahu, including Honolulu.

Besides the wind threat, were also watching for flash flooding. All the islands of Hawaii are under a Flash Flood Watch.

We’ll continue to watch the threat the Flossie poses for the 50th State, as well as the cooler air back in parts of the lower 48. Hope you had a great weekend – and have a great start to the work week Monday!

Meteorologist D.J. Kayser
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