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Autumnal Equinox, Frosty Nights, Stormy Weather? Fall Has Arrived!

22 Sep 2013, 12:23 pm

Happy 1st Day of Fall! Autumn is officially here, and temperatures across the country reflect the change in seasons. We’ve got a few of our favorite Fall scenes to share with you below:

Cooling Off. Temps were cool enough for bonfires across the Midwest last night. Who doesn’t love the smell of a good campfire on a crisp Fall night?

Festival Season. My favorite part of this time of year — seeing all of the festivals across the country! And of course everything related to pumpkin spice. This photo from Maryanne was taken at the Long Island Garlic Festival. Send us your festive photos!

Colors Changing. The leaves already have taken on an orange/red hue in Blue Ridge, GA. More cool nights will transform the tree canopy across the nation into vibrant colors within the next month or so. I admit, this is my other favorite part about Fall!

When to Watch. Of course, the leaves will change at their own pace according to environmental factors, but this is a good ballpark for when different areas peak. Expect bright foliage displays into the Rocky Mountains and northern MN/NY/VT to round out the month of September, but the month of October is generally the height of color overall.

Chilly Overnight. Early morning low temperatures sure felt like Fall across the Great Lakes on Sunday, with some locations hitting the 20s. These cooler-than-average conditions will push eastward later tonight.

Michigan Feels the Chill. Temperatures Monday night will dip into the upper 20s once again Monday night, with the coolest values in the center of lower Michigan.

What can we expect for the Autumn Season overall?

Fall 2013 Outlook: 

Temperatures will generally trend a bit warmer than average across the western U.S. as we go through the next few months. New England also gets in on the warmth, which could impact the Fall foliage display heading into Winter.

The Climate Prediction Center is also calling for above-average amounts of rain into the Northwest, which will likely include some heavier snows in the mountains.

Quick Update: We’re watching a severe weather threat today in the Southwest — an area of low pressure is spinning through the Rocky Mountains and kicking up strong storms that could produce damaging wind, large hail, and an isolated tornado threat. Watch @agreenWNTV and @mmichaelsWNTV for the latest on this situation through tonight here:

Thanks for checking in, and have a great week ahead! -Meteorologist Miranda Hilgers (@MHilgersWNTV)

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