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Awaiting A Change In The Seasons

10 Mar 2013, 2:02 pm

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All across the country, folks are getting antsy and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring, which does not officially arrive until the Vernal Equinox on March 20th.  But as we deal with, what we hope, is the last punch from Old Man Winter, in terms of the storm currently moving through the Midwest, we wanted to take a look at the week ahead and see how things are trending.

There are noticeable movements of both warm and cold air as the week progresses and a few chances for rain and snow showers to form, but the good news, the week is relatively quiet.  To wrap up this blog, we even have a little look at St. Patrick’s Day.


The complex winter storm system that is moving through the Midwest this Sunday will be heading east on Monday.  Ahead of the storm, warm Gulf Moisture is being driven up the eastern third of the country and the winds are flowing up from the south at a brisk pace, so temperatures are going to trend warmer than normal.  Cooler air is going to slide down behind the storm, from the northern plains to the deep south.  Temps will drop into the 50s and 60s in portions of the southern plains.  Scattered snow showers are going to hang around the area of low pressure, across Wisconsin, Illinois and into the Great Lakes.


The storm system that was in the Midwest on Sunday is now departing the country by the middle of the work week.  It will, however, leave a soggy footprint as several inches of rain will have fallen from the storm as it swept from west to east, from the central plains to the east coast.  There will also be scattered snow and lake effect snow showers coming in behind the storm across the eastern areas of the Great Lakes.  Temps will run cooler than normal behind the cold front as it pulls away from the southeast.  On the plus side, high pressure will take over and leave much of the Midwest with mainly sunny skies and more stable weather.  The southwest is under a nice bubble of warm air as high pressure sits comfortable over the area, and temps are on the rise as a result of it across the area.  Montana is looking at being well above normal temperatures but will still content with cloudy skies.


The warm air continues to flow all across the west, and is looking to cover the western half of the country.  Places like Denver, for example, are looking to be running 20° warmer than normal and seeing highs in the 70s.  It was only a few days earlier they had temps in the 30s and were seeing blizzard conditions nearby.  The jet stream is sprawling out over near the northern side of the country, so that is where mostly cloudy to overcast skies will be, from Washington to the Great Lakes.  There is even a few chances for rain or snow showers, but the chances are on the low end.  Two areas of high pressure will sit across the rest of the country and provide nice weather from coast to coast.  And in the Midwest, where there was that cold rush of air moving in from Canada, a warm push of air is moving up from the south by the time we get towards the end of the work week.


While there may be celebrations all weekend long for the very festive St. Patrick’s Day, we are going to look at just the actual day itself which falls on a Sunday this year.  There may be a chance for showers to fall from the upper Midwest, towards the Carolinas as a frontal boundary moves through between two areas of high pressure.  Cool temps will be up in the Great Lakes area and into the northeast, while the southeast is trending to be more seasonal with temps running around average.  The days of rain in the northwest corner of the nation will come to and end with some drier conditions moving in and there will be a chance for rain to arrive on the mid portion of the west coast for cities such as San Francisco.  Mild air is still going to be well in place across the southwest and central Rockies, with highs running a good 10° above normal.

If you are out and about, and celebrating via watching the parades or just enjoying the weekend in general, you should be well prepared for what Mother Nature has to throw your way.  I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and did not get caught off guard with Daylight Savings Time coming to an end and that lost of an hour of sleep.  Just remember, we get to spend more time now with more daylight, and hopefully soon, enjoying the nice mild days of Spring that will be coming our way.

Meteorologist Addison Green

Twitter: @agreenWNTV

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