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Baltimore, MD Tornado; More Severe Weather & Heavy Rain on the Way…

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

It was an active weather day on Monday with several wind damage reports and a few tornadoes east of the Mississippi River. The images below are from near the Baltimore, MD region where tornadoes were reported to have caused damage.

Here is a link to watch the hdg3xb video directly above.  Warning: There is strong language in the clip.

Baltimore, MD Tornado Reports

Kentucky Tornado

There was also a tornado reported to have touched down near the Adairville, KY region that produced EF2 damage and injured 3 people. Thanks to Michael Cook via CN2 for the image below out of Logan Co., KY.

Here’s the Storm Report from the National Weather Service out of Louisville, KY

*** 3 injured *** preliminary results from an nws storm survey team shows an ef-2 tornado…with wind speeds estimated at 135 mph…touched down north of Adairville in Logan county. one home was completely destroyed…with three other homes damaged. numerous outbuildings were demolished and three large grain bins were destroyed and blown up to a quarter mile downstream.

More Severe Weather Potential

Our next multi-day severe weather event will be unfolding through the middle and end of the week starting today. A bundle of energy moving into the Midwest/Great Lakes will be responsible for the activity all the way out to the Eastern Seaboard by Thursday.

Severe Threat Tuesday

The Storm Prediction Center has upgraded their severe weather outlooks for Tuesday and Wednesday to a MODERATE RISK. It appears that there will be a large damaging wind event possible from South Dakota and the Midwest to the Ohio Valley/Great Lakes region from PM Tuesday-Wednesday. Additional Thunderstorms along the East Coast will be possible again on Thursday with more severe weather potential.

Major Wind Threat Event

It appears that the greatest severe weather threat is going to be damaging winds. Here is the SPC damaging wind threat potential for PM Tuesday-AM Wednesday

Simulated Radar

The simulated radar at 4am CDT shows a massive cluster of thunderstorms over South Dakota (likely MCS or Mesoscale Convective System)

Severe Threat Wednesday

The Storm Prediction Center has also upgraded their severe weather threat on Wednesday to a MODERATE RISK again for the biggest threat being damaging winds.

Wednesday’s Damaging Wind Threat

The biggest severe weather threat on Wednesday again looks to be Damaging winds, but isolated tornadoes towards the afternoon/evening can’t be ruled out through parts of the Ohio Valley.

Simulated Radar Thursday

It appears that an ongoing MCS or damaging wind event will be ongoing for much of Wednesday into the Western and Central Great Lakes Region. It also appears that additional thunderstorms (with damaging wind potential) into the Ohio Valley Wednesday night thru AM Thursday will be possible. The image below suggests the simulated radar at 1am Thursday after moving through places like Quad Cities, IA; La Crosse, WI; Madison, WI; Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL.

Severe Threat Continues Thursday

The Storm Prediction Center Continues it’s severe weather threat on Thursday as the storm system trucks east. Thursday looks like it could be a little more interesting in terms of severe weather and heavy rain potential… stay up to date with latest forecast later in the week!

Simulated Radar Thursday

A simulated radar for Thursday suggests that additional thunderstorms along the Eastern Seaboard… The image below shows the simulated radar by 5pm CDT Thursday. This will likely change, so stay tuned for further details!

Heavy Rainfall Potential

This multi-day severe weather potential will have the capability of producing very heavy rainfall for some along its path… NOAA’s HPC 3 day forecast suggests heavy potential of 2″ to 4″+  in spots…

Western Wildfire Update

Hot and dry weather conditions out West have created ripe wildfire conditions this year. The same storm system responsible for our upcoming severe weather potential was responsible for several lightning strikes in California yesterday, unfortunately causing for wildfires.

June 10, 2013 – Starting Sunday much of the Northern California foothills and mountains including the Sierra experienced significant thunderstorms with dry lightning. Nearly 6,000 lightning strikes were recorded over the past 24 hours. Over 50 small fires were ignited due to the lightning. Though most of the storm systems have moved out, CAL FIRE crews continue to respond to additional fires. Although lightning was prevalent throughout the area over the past 24 hours, CAL FIRE continues to investigate each fire to rule all other possible causes.”

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