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A Beaver Just Doing a Bit of Christmas Shopping at a Dollar Store

2 Dec 2016, 9:36 am

In a rush to get your holiday decorations up? This is Beaver, he was too! He was photographed picking up Christmas decorations at the local dollar store in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, earlier this week.

CyieQNLXUAIe_EWAccording to St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office: “Corporal Yingling had an interesting call on Monday when the suspect, pictured below, caused property damage to a dollar store in Charlotte Hall. The suspect attempted to flee the area but was apprehended by Animal Control.

Ok, all joking aside, Cpl. Yingling responded to this call to find a beaver made its way into a dollar store. Animal control responded, safely captured the beaver, and released him/her to a wildlife rehabilitator.

As a law enforcement officer, you just never know what your next call may be…”

Beaver was interested in a new Christmas Tree


A stuffed Santa

CyioxZEXUAUJ1Ss And various other holiday decorations CyieNW4XUAErXRQ



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