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Behind the Scenes at the National Hurricane Center

22 Sep 2016, 6:23 am

For more than two weeks, NOAA’s National Hurricane Center issued forecasts and warnings on what would become the first hurricane to strike Florida in nearly 11 years and affect the U.S. East Coast over the Labor Day weekend.  Beginning as a tropical wave off the African coast, it eventually became Hurricane Hermine. Here’s a look at just a few of the many responsibilities of the NHC covered during Hermine.


PHOTO-Rick Knabb briefing to FEMA-NOAA-82416-700x450-Landscape

August 24, 2016- The National Hurricane Center provides a daily briefing to FEMA leadership regarding potential and existing tropical cyclones. NHC Director Dr. Rick Knabb discussed the tropical wave approaching the Leeward Islands. It would become Hermine a week later.


PHOTO-Forecasters Dan Brown and Dave Roberts-NOAA-82416-700x400-Landscape

August 24, 2016- Data is critical to an accurate forecast. Hurricane forecaster & Navy Liaison Dave Roberts study the latest computer models on August 24 with senior hurricane specialist Daniel Brown regarding the disturbance that would become Hermine as it approaches the Caribbean Islands.


PHOTO-Hurricane Hotline call-NOAA-83116-700x450-Landscape

August 31, 2016- The Hurricane Hotline call is led by the lead hurricane specialist to coordinate tropical cyclone watches & warnings, storm surge, rainfall and tornado impacts of newly formed Tropical Storm Hermine. On the call are National Weather Service offices, the Weather Prediction Center and the Storm Prediction Center.


PHOTO-Rhome and with paper tracking Hermine-NOAA-83116-700x450-Landscape

August 31, 2016- The size and strength of the wind field are critical in determining where warnings are placed. Storm Surge Team Leader Jamie Rhome and chief of forecast operations James Franklin peer over the latest plot of Hermine.


PHOTO-Rhome creating storm surge warning for Florida-NOAA-83116-700x450-LandscapePHOTO-SSWW 11a Sept 1-NOAA-90116-400x300-Landscape

August 31, 2016- For the first time ever, a prototype storm surge warning was issued for a portion of the U.S. Gulf Coast. Storm surge specialist Jamie Rhome puts the finishing touches on the graphic.


PHOTO-Mike Brennan writes new Hermine advisory-NOAA-83116-700x450-Landscape

September 2, 2016- Senior Hurricane Specialist Dr. Michael Brennan writes the public advisory for Hermine as Chief of forecast operations James Franklin and Deputy Director Dr. Ed Rappaport look on. The complete advisory package is issued every six hours.


PHOTO-Rick Knabb Periscope update on Hermine-NOAA-90116-700x450-Landscape

September 1, 2016- Social media is an important tool at NHC to get out timely information. Here, NHC Director Dr. Rick Knabb provides a live update regarding Hermine via Periscope.

Photos and content courtesy of NOAA.

For WeatherNation, Meteorologist Karissa Klos

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