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Best Aurora Borealis Photos!

CAV88DwW8AAW_Ox.jpg-large A major solar storm is lighting up the skies across the Northern Hemisphere with terrific views from Minnesota to Vermont and around the world’s northeast fringes, and we want to share with you some of the best pictures coming in of Tuesday night’s aurora borealis.

All right, we won’t waste your time with more blabber. Here are some of the best pictures we’ve received as of late Tuesday evening:

(In order from top to bottom): First three photos: Anders Jilden, Stockholm, Sweden (@AndersJilden) Tom Stef, Schomberg, Ontario, Canada (@vaughanweather) Melanie Favilla, north shore of Long Island, New York (@SpiffyPixdotcom) Unknown, Fort Dunree, Ireland (@DerryPhotos) Kip Metcalf, East Liberty, Ohio (@kipmetcalf) Keep them coming, world! CAV89HcWgAM3AU3.jpg-large CAV88_eWUAACivb-1.jpg-large CAWMXg9WwAEErH8.jpg-large CAWOZJWUgAA_Btd.png-large CAV_AfPUsAAj8L5.jpg-large CAWOppzWAAAZY2U-1.jpg-large

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