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Big Lightning Delay Causes Big Mess at Texas A&M’s Kyle Field Last Saturday

Sports teams walk a fine line balancing fan experience and the inconvenience of evacuating people during times of bad weather. And Texas A&M University had two-hour weather delay at its home football game on Saturday night in College Station, Texas; leading to disgruntled fans taking to social media and the regular media to express their frustration.

Sure, Texas A&M can’t control the weather and unfortunate circumstances led to upset fans. But when a virtually stationary, lightning-producing, thunderstorm decided to camp out less than 10 miles away someone had to take decisive action to keep fans safe. But, Texas A&M officials appeared to drop the ball on Saturday night.

At one point, as many 188 lightning strikes struck around the staduim in less than 10 minutes, making a weather delay the obvious choice in terms of fan safety. But logistical issues and mass complaints arose when the stadium crew didn’t offer an explanation to Aggie fans. The lack of communication appeared to annoy many in attendance. Some of whom took to social media to express their frustration. Many lambasted the team’s “no re-entry” policy to fans who wanted to seek shelter elsewhere.

The Aggies went on to pound Lamar University at their much-hyped home opener. But, many fans didn’t return home until after midnight and that left them upset — a result of poor communication and an overly-strict re-entry policy.

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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