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Big Rains Produce Flooding Concerns in the West

28 Oct 2016, 9:42 am

Leftover tropical moisture from Hurricane Seymour ahead of the low pressure center and cold front will continue to bring copious amounts of rain to the Pacific Coast and Western U.S., which could produce flooding especially in California and Nevada.

Flash Flood Watches continue from Southern California northward into Northern Nevada. The burn scar sections in Southern California are of biggest concern, where heavy rain could runoff quickly into areas where the fires once burned. The ground would not soak the water into the soil, instead potentially running into canyons which may producing flash flooding.

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Over the next several hours, the National Weather Service is most concerned from Interior Central California through the Sierra Mountains to Northern Nevada.



More than an inch of rain has fallen in some areas of California with much more ahead.

NV rain

October has been a very wet month in the west and it may be a record setter after this storm passes through by the end of the weekend.

As the moisture is pushed up the mountains of the Sierra hitting the cold air, big snows well over a foot are possible in the highest peaks above 7000 feet later this weekend. Winter Storm Watches have already been issued, and warnings are likely.



For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Mace Michaels

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