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Big Snow for New England Ski Country En Route

11 Dec 2017, 2:28 pm

Finally, a big snow for the places that want it most: ski country.

Left out of the snow most of the winter-to-date, the East Coast’s major ski resorts in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine stand to get significant snow from a big winter storm this week,

In the map below, you can see how, especially in the darker yellows and oranges, areas that are below their typical snowfall-to-date across the Northeast. The deficit most closely aligns with the heart of New England’s ski country, home to most of the biggest ski resorts in the eastern third of the country.

Places like Killington, Vermont have only received 15″ so far this season, and Sunday River in Maine, often one of the first resorts in the country to open their doors, has seen just 7″ so far this winter, well below seasonal norms.

But with up to a foot of snow set to blanket the Northeast’s higher terrain starting Monday night and running through most of Tuesday, the gap in snowfall so far this winter should close drastically and soon.

Another clipper system and a generally cold and snowy weather pattern should keep the next week or two busy on the snow front across the East Coast, so expect the map above to look substantially different by Christmas.

Out West, it’s a different story, with many ski resorts out here struggling big time with snow so far this winter season, especially in Colorado, Utah and Arizona. The same persistent pattern keeping the East mostly colder and snowier will continue to do the opposite across the West, with little to no snow in sight for most.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi – Images courtesy: Killington Resort (Vermont), Sugarloaf Mountain (Maine) and NOAA

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