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Big storms to hit I-95 corridor again on Tuesday

We’ve got one more day of big storms in the northeast (maybe two for Boston and Cape Cod), but it could be a doozy for New York City through Washington D.C. on Tuesday afternoon and into Tuesday evening.

Big storms are on tap with a strong cold front and plenty of low-level spin from an upper trough will likely push storms into the severe threshold for the I-95 corridor on Tuesday.

Storms will extend, likely in a big line (likely forming as the day wears on) from Hartford, Connecticut on south through Raleigh-Durham, with the potential for strong straight-line winds, hail, flash flooding and a few isolated tornadoes, especially further north into southern New England.

Behind Tuesday’s storms, however, temperatures will plummet into the upper 70s and low-to-mid 80s with low humidity for the rest of the week, with things calming down substantially likely into the weekend. The one exception is Boston, which has a threat for storms into Wednesday.

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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