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The Big Thaw – Spring is Here!

12 Mar 2015, 3:42 pm


Winter is finally letting go of its icy grip on the lower 48 and after so many temperature and snowfall records this year, it’s a relief to deal with just little weather problems that come along.

In St. Louis, the only problem for early morning drivers Thursday was a few clouds on the ground; the fog rolled in and hung around for a few hours before the sun came up to burn it off.


In Greenville, MI – the snow is on the go. It’s melting and because of that, there’s been plenty of standing water in low-lying areas, running water on the streets and drain filling torrents all over town too.


With a quick swing East to New York, we see the melt is on there too! In Poughkeepsie, there’s still plenty of snow on the ground, but day by day, the daytime warmth is doing a good job of turning solid to liquid, swelling the local creeks, as it does every year. And as the snow disappears, it’s clearing the way for cabin-fever stricken folks to get out and get active after the long, long Winter.

And it’s not just good for people, food foraging is a lot easier on bare ground and the deer seem like they’re ready for Spring, too.


Finally, we trek back to Missouri and the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge for a mind-blowing display. We’re looking at upwards of a half-million snow geese congregating during their Spring migration. These beautiful swirling aerial patterns provide breathtaking proof that the season is changing, the days are getting longer and we’ll soon be done with a Winter that’s been a very hard one for millions of us.

John Van Pelt

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