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Biggest Little Snowfall On The Way

19 Dec 2017, 2:42 pm

A sharp cold front diving down will plunge temperatures for much of the country. But for one city in particular, it could to a winter wonderland on Wednesday morning.

Reno, Nevada has barely seen any snow so far this winter season, but it stands to pick up some snow just in time for the Wednesday morning commute. Winter Weather Advisories and High Wind Warnings are currently in place for Nevada’s second-largest city, as rainfall late Tuesday should switch over to snow, with an inch or two of accumulation likely.

Despite an elevation of around 5,000′, comparable to Denver, Reno only sees about 22 inches of snow a year, far less than Denver (57″) because it sits in the lee of the Sierra Nevada mountains, meaning Reno needs a combination of both moisture and a fairly strong winter cold front to get snowfall.

Usually by this point of the winter, Reno’s seen almost six inches of snow, but a dry and mild pattern has kept the Biggest Little City on the snow-less side. Reno’s seen only 0.3″ of snowfall so far this winter. That, however, should change at least some on Wednesday.

After Wednesday’s snow, temperatures plummet to barely above freezing on Thursday, and following a brief “warm up” on Friday, more bitterly cold air returns to the region this weekend and into early next week.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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