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Biggest Snowstorm of the Winter Possible Friday Across Upper Midwest

23 Feb 2017, 4:05 pm

Every storm is different, uniquely baffling. An area of low pressure may be similar to a previous storm, but never identical. That’s humbling and challenging, since weather models only go so far.

The days leading up to a big weather event feel like your first drivers exam. You try to be confident but there’s just so much that can go wrong. Models still disagree on who will see the most snow, but plowable amounts seem likely. It may be a blizzard from South Dakota into southwestern Minnesota late tonight into Friday. Winds gusting over 40 mph at on Friday on the backside of this rapidly-intensifying storm may whip up white-out conditions at times.

Meanwhile an almost tropical-looking storm continues to dump rain on Florida; rare February rain showers push across New England – accelerating snow melt, while T-storms strafe Chicago. California gets a badly-needed break before the next round of rain arrives on Saturday.

Did I mention the drought is over for northern California? Serious whiplash: from not nearly enough water to an overabundance of H2O. Never a dull moment in the weather department, although I would pay a small ransom for  a few quiet days in a row.


For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Paul Douglas

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