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Bitter Blast from Barrow

4 Jan 2010, 1:24 pm

Hello and happy Monday everyone… Happy New Year to you also. I hope 2010 has been happy and healthy so far. It’s definitely been a chilly start with the bitter bite being felt across the eastern half of the country. Some of the coldest places have been in northern Minnesota, where the mercury dropped to the 30’s and 40’s below zero over the weekend. In fact, International Falls, Minnesota (The Ice Box of the Nation) dropped into the 30’s below zero for the 4th consecutive morning. The official reading at the International Falls Airport was -37 degrees both Saturday and Sunday morning, which was a record low for both dates.

Int'l Falls Cold Snap

The heart of the Arctic air is located along the international border, but the Polar plunge hasn’t stopped there. It moderated some and slammed into the Gulf Coast states with some icy readings this morning. Take a look that low temperatures recorded this morning across Florida:

Florida Low Temps Today

Freeze warnings are in effect for all locations in blue, where temperatures are expected to drop below freezing for several hours this evening, putting Florida’s citrus crop in jeopardy. Florida citrus farmers are hoping to avoid scenes like this over the coming week:

icy orange tree

Unfortunately, we’re not done with the cold air this week. There’s another Arctic airmass building near Barrow, AK, which is going fling a lobe of this frigid air southward. Take a look at the Arctic airmasses now:

Arctic Blast1

The forecast models have the second blast of cold air sitting in the eastern half of the country by Thursday/Friday, see below:

Arctic Blast2

I thinking that this will likely end up being one of the top 2 coldest weeks for some in the nation for this winter season. Average high and low temperatures bottom out the third week of the month and from then on, the averages begin to climb to summer levels over the next 6 months! We’re on our way!! Speaking of summery weather, 2009 ended up begin the 2nd warmest and the 4th driest year on record in the Tucson, AZ area. Another stat from the National Weather Service in Tucson, AZ – the last decade ended up being the warmest and driest decade on record in the Tucson area. See here for more:

Tucson 2009 Headlines

Welp, that’s it for now. Thanks for checking back in on such a cold day across much of the nation. Hang in there, it’ll get better. Trust me, I’m a weatherman ‘wink’

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

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