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Bitter Cold Air Settles Into the Upper Midwest

4 Jan 2017, 9:34 am

[Image Credit: Cley Twigg, Fargo Running Company, Fargo, ND]

Bitter cold temperatures were felt in the Upper Midwest this morning and the cold air will be around for a while. At sunrise, readings were well below zero in the region. Wind Chill Advisories and Warnings were issued for wind chills colder than 20 below zero.

High temperatures will struggle to climb above zero in most of the Northern Plains. Several areas in North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin will stay in the negative range most of the day. Wind Chills will be below zero, even though winds are not that strong.

Wind chills will once again drop to 20 below zero or colder tonight, with some areas reaching -30. The temperature will fall into the teens and 20s below zero tonight.

Even colder temperatures will be felt Thursday as the area of high pressure settles across the region. Wind Chills will be below zero once again all day over the region.

High temperatures will be nearly 30 degrees below average today and Thursday near Bismarck. The cold air will expand across the the Central Plains, Great Lakes, and Ohio Valley.

As the cold air settled into the Northern Plains yesterday, several sun dogs and sun halos were seen. Sun dogs are created by ice crystals in the sky, bending and refracting the light of the sun. They tend to be more common in the Winter months as ice crystals have a much easier time forming at all levels of the atmosphere in the cold air.

The sun dogs and sun halos were seen yesterday in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota on the leading edge of the cold air as the strong winter storm was departing.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Mace Michaels

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