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Black Friday Forecast: Prepare for Cold

23 Nov 2017, 3:09 pm

It’s a time-honored tradition.

Standing out in the cold, hoping to get one of the coveted deals of the year.
I’m talking about Black Friday, of course!

Midnight Deals

For those hitting the stores as the clock strikes midnight, it’s looking like it’ll be rather chilly across the eastern U.S.

A few lingering showers across the Northwest, but some heavier showers will plague shoppers in Florida.

Crack of Dawn

It’s always coldest right as the sun is coming up, and for many that’s prime shopping– so you might want the jacket. Parka if you’re in the Great Lakes region.

Not much change in terms of precipitation.

Late Start

Deals last all day, so if you’re getting out around noon– here’s what to expect!

Shop Til You Drop

Last call!

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