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Blanca Remnants Stirring Up Flood Concerns Across Southwest


The remnants of Hurricane Blanca are continuing to move into the southwest, providing some beneficial moisture but also bringing flood concerns from California to South Dakota.

Tropical moisture is moving north, streaming into Colorado, Utah and Nevada on Wednesday.

For drought-stricken cities such as San Francisco, which recorded 0.24″ of rainfall through noon PDT on Wednesday, and Reno, Nevada, which recorded 0.23″ through 1pm PDT, the rain came as an unusual burst of helpful moisture in the peak of dry season.

For other places, however, such as Denver, Colorado, the rainfall could exacerbate existing flood concerns. Denver is almost four inches above average so far precipitation-wise in 2015, with May and early June especially wet. The state of Colorado as a whole saw its wettest May on record this year, leading to saturated ground across the Centennial State and an influx of tropical moisture could lead to flood concerns through Friday as the system moves through.

Yuma, Arizona saw its second-rainiest June day on record on Monday (0.31″ of rainfall), while Santa Barbara, California saw 0.30″ of rain on Monday, making it the city’s third-rainiest June day ever recorded.

This is typically the peak of dry season across the desert southwest and California, as it comes in between the Pacific low and primary wet season that usually ends in late April or early May and the monsoon season that usually gets going in July and August.

Another tropical disturbance off the west coast of Mexico looks poised to strengthen into the eastern Pacific’s third-named storm, which would be named Carlos. This storm, however, will likely track into Mexico and doesn’t appear to be an impact to United States weather at this time.

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Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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