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Blizzard Update, Flooding

10 Mar 2009, 5:40 pm
HiRes Hourly Temperature Loop (24 hr)
HiRes Hourly Temperature Loop (24 hr)
HiRes Hourly Wind Chill Loop (24 hr)
HiRes Hourly Wind Chill Loop (24 hr)
HiRes Hourly Wind Speed Loop (24 hr)
HiRes Hourly Wind Speed Loop (24 hr)
Just a quick update for you weather nuts, the blizzard has stormed into the northern tier of Minnesota and the Dakotas with respectable ferocity. We thought you might enjoy seeing some of our high resolution hourly products as the blizzard moved through and the cold air began descending from the north as we discussed yesterday and last week.

Above are three of our hourly products: 2 Meter Temperatures, Wind Chill, and Wind speed. To begin with take a look at our Hourly Temperature Animation. As is the norm with our temperature products, two Temperatures of Interest (TOI) are included with each frame. The thin blue line represents 72ºF, and the thin red line represents 32ºF.

Each frame in the animation is at a resolution of 1024×768, and while large does not display the total resolution we offer, but is better than you’ll find in most locations. The animation controls at the bottom are the same as with our other animations, where you can stop/start choose first frame, advance individually, and adjust speed and so forth.

Since each animation represents the past 24 hours, it is interesting to compare these three products. For example, notice on the temperature Animation you have selected, the advancement of the thin red line representing 32ºF and how it intersects the warmer air to the south. The freezing line, and more appropriately the slightly cooler air ahead of it shows the advanceement of the cold air mass from north, which can also be viewed on our Radar Center with the fronts overlay. The cold front is the leading edge of the advancing cold air mass.

Now since we have established that this cold air is advancing as we have discussed over the last few posts, would this affect other things, such as perhaps wind chills?

Compare the Hourly Temperature Animation above with the Wind Chill and Wind Speed animations. Is there a consistency with wind chill temperatures, wind speed, and temperatures?

Fortunately in this instance, while the wind chill factors for the northern tier are not as dramatically dangerous as they have endured this past winter, they are certainly a subject of concern.

The thin yellow line on our hourly wind chill animation represents the 0ºF mark, and the thin red line represents freezing as usual. Isn’t it fascinating to observe and compare the advancement of cold temperatures and wind chill factors? Notice the splotch of bright red as it descends into Canada, that is the very dangerous level approaching -30ºF that can really knock your socks off, or in this instance freeze them to your feet in mere minutes.

So will the snows in southwest Texas still occur? Do these animations show the propagation of air cold enough to support such precipitation? Will it actually make it? =)

We hope you enjoy our animations!

HAMweather Rivers & Lakes Center
HAMweather Rivers & Lakes Center

Another factor of importance today is river levels. Our Rivers & Lakes Center shows a wide swath of Major and Moderate flooding occurring in the Midwest due to previous rains, and those about to fall today. It is really a neat application. Open the link and click an area on the map, then when the Google map application opens, select a river of choice, such as the Rock River near Davenport Iowa.

Flooding on many of these rivers will occur at least for a few more days.

Please be sure to view our Advisory and Radar Centers for the latest updates and developments.

As always stay tuned to your favorite weather outlet, stay informed, and stay safe!



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