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Blizzard Watches Issued, More Unwanted Snow and Brutally Cold Air to Pummel the Northeast

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It just won’t stop, the spigot of snow has been turned on over the Northeast and it’s still going. After a blizzard and two major winter storm — in less than a month — parts of the Northeast are preparing for a weekend onslaught of heavy snow and gale-force winds.

Blizzard watches have been issued for all of coastal Maine and coastal Massachusetts, including Cape Cod. Cities like Portland, Maine, Boston and Bangor are likely to be hardest hit. At the peak of the storm, winds will be howling — sustained at 25 to 45-mph, with gusts up to 65-mph. Combine the effect of heavy snow, snow on the ground and gusty winds, a recipe for near-white out conditions develops. Travel will be extraordinarily treacherous.

Points further inland are also under a winter storm watch. Many areas of coastal Maine and Massachusetts could see an additional 10 to 16 inches of snow, when all is said and done. That’s on top of snow pack, in some areas in the Boston Metro, that top four to five feet. Snow amounts, with this next storm, will fall off further inland. That said, getting around New England though the weekend will be very difficult at time and travel is ill-advised during the height of the storm.

On top of the unrelenting snow, bitterly cold arctic air will rush into the region. Temperatures could drop will below zero in many regions and wind chills could push into dangerous territory — 25 to 40 below zero in some parts of Upstate New York and Vermont.

Below is a day-by-day forecast of what to expect as this system passes by:



As the system begins to wind up over the Great Lakes region — throughout the day — snow will begin to spread from west to east. As the low swings to the south, very cold air will follow. Light snow is likely to fall across parts of the Northeast and into sections of West Virginia. Many areas of New England will see the snow develop later in the afternoon and evening.

Saturday Night


As the storm swings out over southern sections of the Northeast and moves up the coast, though the overnight hours, it really gets cranked up. Strong winds and heavy snow are likely to pummel much of the coast of New England — from Cape Cod to southern coastal Maine. Snow snow could also develop a bit further south. New York City, northern New Jersey and even as far south as Philadelphia could get a couple of inches of wet snow through the overnight hours.



Heavy snow and gusty winds are likely to continue throughout Sunday. The I-95 corridor, from north of New York City through Maine, will be a mess. Winds could gust over 60-mph in and around the Boston area. They’ll be a bit lighter, but still very strong, north of the Boston area as well. Gusty winds and a few snow showers are possible as far south as Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Sunday Night

The storm will finally be winding up and pulling out of the region — moving into the Canadian Maritimes. That said, blustery conditions and lingering snow showers will be possible form Cape Cod to northern sections of Maine. Past that, bone-chillingly cold air will settle into the region. As mentioned before, many locations will be hard pressed to push out of the single digits. This means little to no melting of snow in the foreseeable furture.

This is a developing weather system and the forecast is subject to change over the next couple of days. WeatherNation meteorologists will be keeping a close eye on the system and bringing you constant updates — on-air and online — before, during and after the storm.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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