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Blizzard & Winter Storm Warnings – Looking Like a 3-Peat?

Jet Stream Set Up

Here we go again! An upper level low pressure system is moving into the Four Corners bringing in the cold, wind and snow. Conditions for Utah and Colorado will continue to deteriorate through the day with winter driving conditions in the mountains all day long. Check out the latest on the Winter Weather Alerts. Blizzard conditions will exist for northeast Colorado making for tough travel starting late Monday evening.

Winter Weather Alerts

The large upper level trough sliding east through the day will provide the central U.S. with a broad source of lift. Gulf moisture pouring in from the south will help set the stage with a warm, unstable environment. Dry air coming in from the west will set up a boundary known as a dry line. It’s similar to a front, but instead of a temperature difference there is a drastic dew point difference on either side. Like a front, the dry line will act as a catalyst for storm initiation.
Dry Line

The first storms to develop along the dry line this afternoon will be more isolated, carrying a threat of tornadoes and large hail. As these storms move east into the evening, they will form into a long line. As that happens, the threat will shift to damaging winds, lasting overnight.

The Storm Prediction Center has been eyeing this set-up since the weekend. They continue with an enhanced risk through parts of Oklahoma and Texas, including Oklahoma City and Dallas. The threat will slide east on Tuesday, shifting the enhanced risk into southern Louisiana and Mississippi.

SPC Mon Wide

SPC Mon Close

SPC Tue Close

SPC Tue wide

Gulf moisture has already spread heavy rain from Louisiana to Illinois. As the next wave compounds on those rainfall totals, flash flooding will be a concern. A Flash Flood Watch is in effect until Tuesday night for several states in the southern and central U.S.

Flash Flood Watch

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