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Buffalo Smashes Record With Latest Measurable Snow Since 1899

21 Dec 2015, 1:59 pm

NY SNOWSBuffalo smashed an old record with its latest measurable snow since 1899 – a dusting on Friday night. But it was a different story in other parts of New York, this weekend.

Before Lake Erie and Lake Ontario freeze over later in the season, they are the source of the plentiful moisture that fuels giant lake effect snowfalls in New York.

In Sandy Creek, the snowfall rates were amazing, with the air full of big fluffy flakes falling for hours. Sometimes falling straight down with calm wind. And other times flying horizontally when the wind picked up and the visibility went down.

At the onset, there were cars sliding off the road all around the area as the snow piled up quickly. After the plows showed up, driving got a little easier and traffic was moving okay through the day.

In Pulaski, New York, it was a similar scene, early on visibility was a big issue here too. And so was the accumulation. Some locals were getting a workout shoveling the deep snow. While others had a quicker, easier way to get the job done.

At the lake shore, near Parish, New York the waves were being pushed up by 35 mile per hour winds as another snow squall pushed inshore. Snowfall rates of two to three inches per hour made driving treacherous for many here, in cars. For snowmobilers, though it was a much more fun ride.

Rome, New York got its share of heavy snow, too and after nightfall, the plows were still out clearing roads and a big help was the fact that most people stayed warm and safe inside and off the roads.

For WeatherNation: John Van Pelt

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