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California Ablaze With Drought Fulled Wildfires

19 Jun 2015, 11:40 am

Lake Fire As areas across the Central U.S. battle torrential rain and dangerous flooding it is a whole other ball game out to the west. With excessive heat warnings across the southwest in effect through the entire weekend we are on high alert for fire danger. San Bernardino, CA has a forecasted high of 100° today and just to the east the fire danger is real.

The Lake Fire was reported just before 4pm Wednesday in the San Bernardino National Forest and as of this morning engulfs 11,000 acres in flames. It is only 10% contained at this point and is threatening 150 structures. The cause of the blaze is still under investigation and parts of highway 38 have been
shut down along with numerous hiking trails. Over 1,200 personal are working around the clock to battle the blaze however, mother nature is not amongst the crew. Gusting winds overnight, excessive heat during the day and not a drop of rain in the forecast the crews will have to work fast and hard to contain this fire.

Fire crews and citizens across the southwest will need to battle the heat. Forecast highs climb as high as 116° today and tomorrow. Major cities between Tucson, AZ; Las Vegas, NV, and just east of Los Angeles will be feeling the heat. A slight cooling trend is in the forecast for early next week, but as for the weekend temperatures are going to continue to roast. With temperatures over 100° it is important to stay hydrated. Avoiding peak hours of sun and staying cool will be a must. Make sure animals have plenty of water and shade if they can not come indoors. Obvisouly, air conditioning will be ideal.
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