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California Continues to Burn


California is up in flames and Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency. There are around 20 wildfires burning over 134,000 acres across the state of California, which at the present time are not 100% contained.

It has been a very active season for wildfires with more than 10,000 personnel working to contain fires across the state. So far, there has been at least one death. One fire in particular that continues to threatened homes is the Rocky Fire. It’s located northwest of Sacramento, California. The blaze continues to spread with rapid speed. It has already destroyed homes and has more in its sights.


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As of Wednesday morning, red flag warnings continue to pop up across the Western U.S. and will continue to be a threat this summer. Severe drought conditions, warm temperatures and lightning have been the major cause of these fires. This is why a forecast for thunderstorms brings in mixed emotions for the residents and crews in California. Rain is on the firefighters’ side, but as storms brew, lightning can spark new fires because of the massive amount of dry vegetation.

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California Statewide Fire Map

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