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California Fires, Acres Burned

Here are some of the latest stats from the deadly and devastating southern California Wildfires that started this week.

Amount of acres burned by the most recent and notable wildfires impacting southern California.

As of Wednesday 7 AM est, the three largest fires burning were:

The Thomas Fire, which has burned 50,000 acres

The Creek Fire, which has burned 11,377 acres

The Rye Fire, which has burned 5,000 acres


Other smaller fires impacting the region:

The Little Mountain Fire, which has burned 100 acres, all vegetation

The Riverdale Fire, which burned 40 acres, but is now contained

The Meyers Fire, which burned 34 acres, but is now contained


Unfortunately, dry, warm and windy weather is in the forecast for the region for the next few days, meaning the fire threat continues.


For WeatherNation, I am Meteorologist Marcus Walter.

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