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California Heat Rush

1 May 2014, 2:05 pm

It has been hot, dry and windy across portions of California, as the Santa Ana winds have been a issue lately.  Downtown Los Angeles, has seen highs in the low 90s since Tuesday, with their average being in the mid 70s.  On top of the dry heat, the winds have been blowing around dusts and helping small flames become raging wind fires.  There was a wild fire just east of Los Angeles, the Etiwanda Fire, that started around 8am on Wed morning and is slowly becoming more manageable, and will be better so after today, when the winds will diminish.  Here is a link to the latest info on the fire.




Check out how it was in Hemet, CA the other day.  Dry and windy conditions produced this dust storm that lowered the visibility for a while in the area.




The temps were breaking records in Southern California.  This is a list of just some of the places that saw temps soar up a good 10-20°+ on average.




We can expect a few areas today to deal with record breaking heat as well.





The winds will really be picking up today, with wind advisories and high wind warnings are up.  Some areas around Los Angeles and San Diego, could see winds gusting over 50 mph.  The highest winds will be in the mountainous areas, and in the valleys in those regions.



Wind advisories are set in place for the day, but should come down by the weekend.  Hold on to that steering wheel!


Those areas where its windy, as well as dry, there are Red Flag Warnings are in place.  Be careful and mindful of your surroundings in those areas if you are using an open flame.  It doesn’t take much to kick off a small fire that all of a sudden (usually due to the winds) starts to become out of control.


This graphic, from the National Weather Service, helps to explain what the Santa Ana winds are and why the are a big issue.


Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope you have a great weekend!

Meteorologist Addison Green ~ Twitter: @agreenWNTV

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