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California on Par for Record Water Year

20 Feb 2017, 7:24 am


Feb. 20, 2017 – All eyes have been on California as of late, with the exceptional amounts of precipitation that have been pounding the region. Meteorologist Karissa Klos dove into the meteorological reasons behind the very active weather and her story can be found on

But what does all of this precipitation mean for California and where do we stand compared to average? For one, we’re clearly making a dent in the drought that has been ongoing for seasons upon seasons. The exceptional drought category has been obliterated from the maps which is great news!

California has three different regions that they monitor in regards to their watershed: The North Sierra, the San Joaquin, and the Tulare water basins.

Each of these water basins is already well above the yearly average for precipitation. All of them are over double what is typically expected this time of year. The North Sierra basin is currently experiencing its third wettest year on record. With more than a month remaining of this year’s wet season, it is possible to break into the top two wettest years on record.

The San Joaquin Basin, or the central basin, is also at the third wettest year on record with precipitation so far at 224% of normal!

As gas as the Tulare basin is concerned, we’re doing equally as well. It’s the third wettest year on record, with 222% of normal precipitation already recorded.

Looking forward, what does this mean? We’re about to head into the dry season, which means we’re going to have to rely on this above average precipitation to provide water for agricultural needs. This will benefit the entire country in a financial way and also provide drinking water for many of the residents of the state this summer.

All in all, near term issues will have long lasting effects not just for California but for the entire country.

For WeatherNation — Meteorologist Andy Stein.

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