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California Quake

23 Aug 2010, 7:57 am

I’m always fascinated with Earthquakes. I even have “Mappity Quakes” as an application on my iPhone and check it frequently. What I find so wild is that there are quakes just about every minute of the day. No, they are not exactly a weather phenomenon, but more geological in nature. I think though, many meteorologists are somewhat intrigued by earthquakes, like me.
One of our meteorologists sent me this article.

I thought the quote that was in relation to weather was particularly good. It mentions you take an umbrella along if it is cloudy as a preparation. So as new research comes out, why not prepare now for what may happen just as you would prepare for a bad weather day.
Take a look at the article. I think you’ll also take a deep gulp. It makes me wonder, what will weather maps would look like after the “big one” strikes California? Will we see the dust on satellite from crumbling buildings? Are people and residents of California really prepared? Is aid ready to be dispatched?
Earthquake clean-up is long from over in Haiti. How long would it take to clean up Los Angeles?
Thoughts for your day.

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