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California wildfires on HW SuperSats

23 Oct 2007, 11:51 am

Santa Ana WindsWildfires have been raging out of control across Southern California for the past several days, fueled by dry ground conditions, low humidity and very strong Santa Ana (offshore) winds. Large wildfires are reported across seven counties in the region surrounding San Diego and Los Angeles where almost 250,000 acres have burned and thousands forced to evacuate from their homes and communities. Winds have peaked well over hurricane force and in several cases have reached as high as 100 mph. High wind and fire advisories remain in place for the region as conditions will remain quite favorable for continuing and additional wildfires.

Our SuperSat imagery (via HAMsat) clearly depicts the smoke rising from the fires on the ground as well as the strong Santa Ana winds carrying the smoke plumes westward over the eastern Pacific. The following image was from around 4:30 PM EDT (1:30 PM PDT) which shows the major fires burning at the time. The clockwise flow around the strong area of high pressure which is helping to create the strong offshore winds can also be seen as the smoke begins to flow more towards the northwest once over the Pacific Ocean.

Click here to view a 9-hour animation of the smoke plumes (~6.5mb).

View the latest HW SuperSat image for Southern California (Sector 24) and the Baja Peninsula (Sector 25).

Click the image below for the full version.
California Wildfires via SuperSats

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