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The Calm After the Tornado – Solar Impulse 2 Successfully Lands in Oklahoma

13 May 2016, 2:19 pm

Solar Impulse 2 took off Thursday morning in Phoenix and landed in Tulsa, Okla., Thursday night for the next leg of its global journey, officials said. Tulsa was its second-to-last U.S. stop.

The calm after the tornado

It took 48 hours to adapt to unpredictable weather across the U.S., devise multiple new strategies to cross the country, scout out and find a host airport, empty an entire hangar to house the 72 meters of our solar wings, organize the arrival of our team and reunite everyone in an organizational whirlwind. All this was successfully accomplished to welcome a silent, serene, zero-fuel airplane, confident in its unlimited autonomy, to the runways of Tulsa, the “black gold” capital of Oklahoma. The world can indeed live at a different pace!

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