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Can You Match the Meteorologist to the Bitmoji?

15 Apr 2017, 4:53 am

The thing about group texts between coworkers, is that some people can get pretty annoying.
Or so I’m told.
Wait, does that mean I’m the annoying one?

Anyway, after incessantly sending my coworkers Bitmojis– I started to get some in return!

Which brings us to this Saturday’s fun article!

All you have to do is match the name of the meteorologist to the appropriate Bitmoji!
Easy right?

The Mets

A. Tracey Anthony

B. Joe Astolfi

C. Steve Glazier

D. Karissa Klos

E. Jeremy LaGoo

F. Mike Morrison

G. Mike Witcher

The Bitmojis

  1. 2.







Think You Know?




The Answers

  1. Mike Witcher
  2. Steve Glazier
  3. Mike Morrison
  4. Tracey Anthony
  5. Joe Astolfi
  6. Andy Stein
  7. Karissa Klos
  8. Jeremy LaGoo

How’d you do?

I guess my coworkers will probably love this as much as me responding to every question in Bitmoji!

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