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How Canadians Entertain Themselves During the Winter: A Homemade Snow-Maker (Not That They Need It)

28 Nov 2014, 1:24 pm

Ever seen meteorologists throw a boiling-hot cup of water into sub-zero air? If you haven’t, the water freezes on contact (and sometimes, if done improperly, it burns the person).

But, in March 2014 an enterprising Canadian family, living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, ran a hose from their hot water tank to a sprinkler in the yard and what happened next was — suffice it to say — awesome!

When the hot water came into contact with an ambient air temperature of -30°F, it instantly crystallized. And simultaneously put Americans — throwing cups of water into the bitterly cold arctic air — to shame.

Well played Canada, well played.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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