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Cardigans, Sweaters and Parkas! Oh My! Dressing for Success and Warmth During the Winter Holiday Season

20 Dec 2017, 9:43 am

When it’s cold outside, don’t you just want to stay inside? Bundled up in a nice warm, fuzzy, soft blanket sounds fantastic! But not everyone has those luxuries. Some have to endure the bone-chilling temperatures and dangerous wind chills as they venture outside. Some may think you can do this by just putting on as many layers as possible and you’re right. Kind of. There’s certain fabrics you can wear to stay extra warm this season and you can do it all while looking fashionable.

Some of the warmest materials you can wear during the holiday season are: fur, wool, fleece, cotton and corduroy. The good news is that most clothing pieces come with the option of one of these fabrics. These fabrics don’t just keep you warm, they are can help protect from hypothermia.

As we brace for another winter, remember to stay warm and dress appropriately. Dressing for the cold is one thing but dressing for the cold while trying to stay in busniess, or professional attire, is a someone different story. Cardigans, sweaters, parkas, scarves, down jackets, jackets with fur, leggings, and much more are just a few options to remember when dressing for success in the winter.

Okay, enough about looking good. How about staying safe? Well the National Weather Service describes it nicely how you should dress depending on the temperature outside. When temperatures are chilly, (between 10° and 40°) you should dress in 1-2 layers with a warm outer, waterproof shell on clothes that are directly facing the elements.

When temperatures are cold, (between -10° and 20°) it’s best to wear 2-3 layers, a hat and gloves.

When temperatures are extremely cold, (between -30° and 0°) it’s best to dress in 3 or more layers, gloves, boots, hats and a face mask to protect your exposed skin.

Take this into consideration. Obviously you want to stay warm and safe. Just know there are alternatives to what you can wear to get the best out of your attire.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Andy Stein

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