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Caught on Camera: Bear Raids Colorado 2nd Floor Apartment Fridge

2 May 2016, 10:14 am

bearBears are out, and they are hungry! At approximately 4:45 am, Engine 7 (Avon, CO) was dispatched to a service call for a report of a bear in the living room of a second floor apartment.

The crew, with the assistance of Eagle County Colorado Sheriff’s Deputies, were able to chase off a small bear who had been rummaging through the refrigerator. The apartment’s resident locked himself in his bedroom until the bruin could be encouraged to vacate the premises. No injuries (to humans or bear) were reported.

ERFPD encourages everyone to keep your windows and doors secured, and ensure garbage and pet food aren’t left out to attract bears. Remember, a fed bear is a dead bear.

Video: Eagle River Fire Protection District

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