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Chances For Floods

10 Aug 2013, 12:57 pm

This stunning image above comes from Manitou Springs, CO, courtesy of Angie Smith where she saw a raging river of water move through a street, carrying vehicles away like they were styrofoam cups.  The area there saw about 1.3″ of rain fall down in a matter of 30 minutes.  That may not seem like a whole lot, but the area there has been impacted by the Waldo Canyon wildfire last year and the quick-falling rain fell onto loose soil that got swept away since there was a very low amount of vegetation to keep it in place.

Sadly there was a loss of life in that area around Highway-24 that was found in a debris flow and several other individuals were reported missing.  A house was also swept away off its foundation.  The power of flood waters is simply amazing, with about 1 foot able to float a car and 2 feet of swift moving water able to carry away most vehicles.

Another area that could see flooding, is down in the southeast.  A stationary frontal boundary is positioned from the Central Plains and is now hanging out near the Virginia/North Carolina area.  Nearby, the mid portion of the country has seen an incredible amount of rainfall over the past two weeks, especially in portions of Kansas and Missouri.  But there can be more flooding chances as slow moving thunderstorms develop within the vicinity of the frontal boundary.


Several months worth of rain has fallen in southern Kansas and into southern Missouri with record-level amounts of flooding occurred in those areas.  They will get a small break over the weekend before another round of wet weather arrives for the work week.

These were the flash flood watches that were up this morning for portions of Missouri and Arkansas.  They have slowly been taken down through the day today as the storm cells moved eastward, but still there was that risk of flooding with heavy rain fall rates in the area.  The moron shaded areas are flash flood warnings where the rain was coming down very quickly.

The 5-Day outlook has the area from the Central Plains to the Southeast dealing with several inches of additional rainfall.  Thunderstorms will “train” over the same areas potentially leading to the same areas getting hit over and over again by heavy rains.  Which is like what a train does with its boxcars as they are pulled over train tracks; it has them going over the same area repeatedly.


“Turn around, don’t drown.”  Make sure to avoid flooded roadways and low-lying areas for you never know what lies beneath the surface of the water or how deep it is.


Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Meteorologist Addison Green (Twitter: @agreenWNTV)



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