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Changes In The Midwest

28 Sep 2013, 2:38 pm

An area of low pressure came out of the Rockies late this past work week and started moving towards the Great Lakes and into South Central Canada.  As it did so, its associated cold front slid down towards the Southern Plains and helped squeeze out showers and storms yesterday, as well as a few severe thunderstorms.  Now the front is still on the move, slowly but surely, through the Midwest and towards the southeast portion of Canada.  The cold front will continue to be on the move towards the East Coast, but it will slowly fall apart as it runs into a blocking high pressure system that has been sitting over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states for the past few days.  Those areas (northeast/mid-atlantic) have enjoyed some sensational weather and will continue to do so through the weekend.  Meanwhile, in the Midwest, many areas were warm and breezy yesterday ahead of the front, then it came through and brought about clouds and steady rains, as well as breezy conditions.  So in many spots, the weather outside went from “yay, lets go out and stay out for a while” to “eh, lets stay inside and order in.”

In the Twin Cities area this morning, the air was warm and breezy and rather humid.  But as the day progressed, the showers came through and then the temps dropped.

Temps rode into the upper 60s throughout the wee-morning hours and then as the front came through, the temps went into the mid 50s and it felt chilly and raw outside.

In Des Moines, IA, a similar situation unfolded as well.  Temps were also into the upper 60s to around 70 in the early morning hours through just about midnight.  The high temp for the day came about while you were sleeping and you probably woke up to a muggy scenario outside your window in Iowa.

But by midday, the temps were into the 50s, the roads were wet, and the air was brisk.  This makes for an excellent day to catch go to the theaters or curl up on the couch and watch on-demand.

The cold front has continued to impact the nation’s heartland, especially in the past 24 hours.  Earlier we could see temps in Chicago, St. Louis and Springfield into the 70s and 80s, but the Twin Cities, Omaha and Denver, into the 50s and 60s.

Temps ahead of the front are a few degrees warmer than where they were yesterday, but drastically colder than where they were by the same time frame.  I’m sure there was a quick grab of a jacket, hoodie or light coat before you left the door if you live in the Central Plains where temps are down 15-25° on average as of this afternoon.

The air is also drier with the cold front squeezing out a decent amount of moisture as it sweeps through.  Dewpoints are into some uncomfortable territory, into the mid to upper 60s in Missouri and Arkansas.  Behind the front is some really dry air with dewpoints in the 20s and 30s.

It goes from feeling muggy to feeling cool and crisp with the dewpoint changes as drastic as they have been.  As the front continued to travel eastward early this afternoon, that colder, and drier Canadian air funneled in, and it feels especially dry across northern Texas and into New Mexico.  Many areas have seen a drop in the dewpoints of over 15-20°.

There is something about cool, damp and windy conditions that really just make the day feel very “Fall-like.”  The warm southerly winds are replaced by cooler northwesterly winds as the front moves through.  For college tailgating and football watching, this weather is picture perfect.  But if you are fan of mild and sunny conditions, don’t worry, the weather will rebound shortly.  Many cities across the Midwest and into the Southern Plains, will see temps on the rise again before another system comes through late in the work week and ushers in another cool down.

The best weather in the country for the weekend, is in the Northeast.  So head there to do some leaf-peeping, apple-picking, haystack maze exploring, or just sit back and relax and breathe in the glorious mild air.

Here is your forecast conditions for the country for Sunday.  Take care and have a wonderful time enjoying your weekend.

Meteorologist Addison Green ~ Twitter: @agreenWNTV




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