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Cloudy With a Chance of Poetry: Rain in Boston, Revels Sidewalks Poetry

24 May 2016, 2:37 pm


A public art project by Mass Poetry, in collaboration with The City of Boston, is doing just that. Launched in honor of National Poetry Month, “Raining Poetry” is a series of poems stenciled throughout the city’s sidewalks. The spray used to write the poems is invisible; when the surrounding pavement is darkened by rain, the dry words emerge and treat pedestrians to the secret poems that quietly wait to be read.

The concept for this magic pluvial street art is the brainstorm of Seattle (naturally) resident Peregrine Church. Upon viewing a viral video of superhydrophobic coatings in action – like clothing treated with the water-repellant coating in which red wine would literally roll right off – he had an idea: Rain-activated street art. He began stenciling messages across Seattle’s stormy sidewalks with a superhydrophobic spray, and even did a (successful) Kickstarter to start producing Rainworks spray, the product that Boston is using.

(Images: Mass Poetry/Facebook)

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