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Coastal Storms

16 Mar 2011, 10:57 am

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone. Spring is right around the corner and the atmosphere is beginning to reflect that a little this week as temperatures warm into the 70s, 80s and even a few low 90s across the extreme south/southwest.

A Look at Temperatures

Nice to see some orange and red on the high temperature map after such a LONG winter, isn’t it?

High Temperatures Today


High Temperatures Tomorrow – St. Patrick’s Day


What We’re Watching

There are two storms, one on either coast, kicking up winds and moisture. The stronger of the two systems is out west where heavy rain, heavy mountain snow and near hurricane force wind gusts may be found through the end of the week. The weaker system in the northeast is making for a soggy commute today. A little sleet/freezing rain earlier today made for a slippery commute in parts of New York, Mass. and a few other New England locations. Temperatures should be warm enough for the duration of the event for mostly rain, which could add up to 0.50″ or 0.75″ of an inch in already waterlogged areas.


How Much Moisture?

This is the HPC precipitation forecast through Friday morning.


Flooding Potential Remains High

More flood warnings are beginning to pop up in the flood prone areas up the Upper Midwest. Spring melting has started and significant flood is possible over the next few weeks. I expect to see more flood headlines posted
over the coming days – stay tuned for further updates and keep an eye on local forecasts if you live in any flood plains.


It’s a quick update today, thanks for tuning in. We’ll have more tomorrow.

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

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