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Cold Air Intrusion: Part 3

24 Feb 2014, 10:51 am

Well folks – we’re onto our 3rd dose of extreme arctic air.  This one looks to be marginally less potent than the first, but still VERY strong for this time of year.  Some spots will be 20-30 degrees below average throughout the next 2 weeks, minimum.

We apologize (or I do, at least) for that information.  I wish I could pass along some better news.

Let’s talk more about the extent of cold, however.


Temperature Trend: For Today - but a similar view to this hangs around for at least the next week or so.


Well… there you have it.  See that image above?  Those bright purples?  Those are what a few weeks ago I referred to the “Cold Blob Of Doom.”

It really doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, either.  All of the cold is racking up, and quickly.

This image showed up in the Minneapolis/St. Paul National Weather Service’s page today:



Top 10 coldest winter in recorded history.  For Minneapolis-St. Paul in Minnesota.  To me that is amazing, because Minneapolis is known as the coldest larger metropolitan area in the country.

In an effect to calm people down around the country, I looked at the extended computer models, figuring, “It’s almost March, SURELY there will be warmer weather around day 8 or 9 in the extended forecast.”

Unfortunately, at least for now, it looks like I figured wrong.

Here were my findings:

March 9th, for the Midwest (if you’re south of Minnesota and Wisconsin it’ll be a little longer/earlier).


Those are near-30 degree temperatures… and it takes until March 9th.

Normally I hope my forecasts are right – but in this case I truly hope I am wrong.  Please, someone tell me I’m wrong and back it up. 🙂

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV


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