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The Cold Air Will Keep the Snowmen Around

18 Dec 2016, 6:26 am

Snow has dominated the northern tier of the country. Although you personally may not like the snow, some people are having some winter fun building snowmen.

You’re snowmen will be staying around because high temperatures will be frigid these next few days.

Don’t forget the snow can be dangerous and fun. Read the dangers in the link below.

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One response to “The Cold Air Will Keep the Snowmen Around

  1. We are planning a trip to Texas this week, and have not been able to get the weather from MN. to TX, for more than 2 days.
    We were just watching the weather, and your weatherman spends a great deal of time on the west and east coasts, and the Midwest seems to not even exist..we had 2 days of weather throughout the Midwest, yet you gave 4 days of future weather on the west coast…after a commercial , the weatherman went right back to the West coast. It is 12:40 am CST on the 19th of Dec. and we stayed up late to try and get some weather to plan our trip. We stopped watching the Weather Channel, because they ignored the Midwest. Now we are watching ,after another commercial, and WE ARE BACK TO WEST COAST WEATHER…AGAIN. Your graphics do not allow the time to view the day, the time for the locations we need, and the time to digest the weather pattern. Please give us an extended 5- 7 day national forecast and do not ignore the Midwest…..Thank you !
    Do you have a 7 day forecast you can give the consumer

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