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Cold That Just Won’t Quit

7 Jan 2010, 1:32 pm

Residents in the South are beside themselves.  It’s cold out there!  At least there’s a good excuse to wear that fancy new coat you got for Christmas.  Arctic air has been inhabiting 2/3 of the country for about a week now and another reinforcement of cold air is on the way.  It’s not unusual to get a few cold snaps in the South during the winter but what IS unusual is this long duration of it.  Cold Canadian air is being allowed to spill into the U.S as a large ridge sits over the western states.  In addition, a ridge over Greenland is preventing the progression of the arctic air eastward.  Instead of having the arctic express out of Canada, we’ll get some Pacific air across the country next week and that will help to scour out the stagnant cold.

In the South, the cold has set numerous record low temperatures.


Snow has made travel difficult today in the Midwest.  Interstate 90 is closed in South Dakota due to drifting snow and low visibility.  This morning a few roads in southwestern IA were impassable and flights have been delayed in Chicago even canceled in Atlanta due to snow.  In Des Moines, IA the snow removal budget is about to run out as the area has seen an unusually high amount of snow thus far.  Des Moines has picked up 32″ of snow since December 1.  This amount is 23″ above the normal.

National Snow Depth

snow cover

Stay warm!

Kristin Clark

WeatherNation Meteorologist

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