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Colder Days Ahead for the East

19 Nov 2017, 8:27 am

Many of us across the eastern half of the United States are woke up to some much colder temperatures than just 24 hours ago. Some locations, like Missouri, are dealing with temperatures over 30 degrees colder. That is all thanks to the cold front that raced across the U.S. Saturday and brought damaging winds and heavy rain to many locations. If you aren’t a fan of the colder temperatures, well then you won’t like this article because we are talking about how the east will stay cold into the weekend. Just in time for all of those Black Friday lines. Yay!

As we head into early this week, yet another system starts to push through the region. This one drags a cold front through the High Plains and into the Mid-Atlantic by mid-week. Now this front won’t have much moisture to work with but it will pack another punch in terms of temperatures. The cold continues to pool in and filters further and further south.

As we head into the weekend though, there will be a sharp contrast between the temperatures to the east and the temperatures to the west. Looks to be below average out east but well, well above average west.

So for the next few days expect a bit of a roller coaster with the next biggest drop mid-week.

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