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Cooler Weather Is Coming To The Northeast

29 Sep 2017, 4:39 pm

If you live in places like Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, or Washington D.C., then you may be asking the question, “Where’s Fall”?   This week, daily high temperatures were unseasonably warm in the northeast.  Boston had a record high of 86 degrees on Wednesday.  68 degrees is normal for Boston this time of year.  New York City typically averages 70 degrees.  Most of this week was in the mid to upper 80’s.  Philadelphia reached 91 degrees on Monday.  Washington D.C. hit 90 on Wednesday.  Both cities were well above their average high of 73 degrees.  But a cold front is on the way, and should drop temperatures for the weekend.

Clouds and scattered showers will accompany the front, as it passes through the northeast on Saturday.  Severe weather is not expected.  High temperatures will be below average on Saturday.

However, a ridge of high pressure will build into the region on Sunday.  This will result in plenty of sunshine, and warm air from the south, will move northward.  Temps in the northeast will start  to climb again.


The forecast for next week, calls for above average temperatures to return east of the Rockies.

For example, New York City will begin to see above average temperatures Monday.  Temps will push close to 80 degrees by Thursday.

So enjoy the brief taste of Fall this weekend, and get ready to warm back up next week.

For WeatherNation:  Meteorologist Matt Monroe

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