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Crazy Snow; Major Flooding in Midwest Rivers

Tuesday April 23rd, 2013

ANOTHER round of heavy snowfall dumped a pile across parts of the middle part of the country over the last two days. The picture below is from Duluth, MN where over 8″ of snow fell on Monday/Tuesday. Many folks across the Midwest are ready for the snow to end…

Record Setting Snows

This was the view from Duluth, MN on Tuesday post storm. There’s still quite a bit of snow on the ground up there, but take a look at those snow stats! WOW!! All the Duluth stats below are climate stats thru April 22nd.

Duluth, MN: Snowiest Month EVER

Unreal. Can you believe that Duluth, MN has seen over 50″ of snow this month alone?!? 50.2″ officially through the first 22 days of the month is not only good enough for the snowiest April on record, but it’s good enough for the snowiest month EVER in recorded history, beating that of 50.1″ set November 1991, the same year as the Halloween Blizzard!

More Crazy Snow Stats

This is unreal too! Duluthians have seen nearly 100″ of snow since February 1st! 95.1″ officially is 62.8″ above the normal snowfall during that time frame. This is also a record for the snowiest February-March-April period on record. The previous record was set in 1950 when 68.5″ of snow was recorded.

3rd Snowiest Season on Record

An amazing 128.8″ of snow fell so far this season in Duluth, MN and that is good enough for the 3rd snowiest season on record. Again, these are numbers through April 22nd. If you count the additional snow from early Tuesday morning, the official tally is 129.4″ on the season, still in 3rd place. Very impressive!

Record Snow in the Twin Cities

April has been a cold and snowy month for the Twin Cities. In fact, through the 22nd of April, temperatures were running a good -9.2° degrees below average good enough for the 3rd coldest April in recorded history! At this time last year, it looked a lot more like summer! Trees and flowers were in bloom and we were well on our way to the growing season.

Crazy Minnesota Snow

I’ve had it with this stuff! Take a look at some of the snowfall stats below. This April, we’ve seen 17.6″ !! That’s well above the normal April average of 2.8″ – We’re also nearly 13″ above normal snowfall on the season so far.

3rd Snowiest April on Record for Minneapolis

17.6″ of snow officially in Minneapolis this April is good enough for the 3rd snowiest April in recorded history. Let’s hope we don’t get any more… not sure I’ll be able to handle it!

Harsh Spring…

The February-March-April snowfall stats are quite impressive in the Minneapolis area too. We’ve seen 46.5″ of snow in that time, which is +24.4″ above normal! UGH.

Flooding Concerns

We’re still dealing with flooding concerns across the Ohio Valley and the Mississippi River Valley due to last weeks excessive rainfall. Several rivers are at flood stage and worse. Some even made it to or will be at record stage. Note also Fargo and Minot, ND in the flooding risk.

Record Flooding

The Grand River in Michigan hit a record crest this weekend and the Illinois River is expected reach a record crest today.

Fargo Flood

Alright… It appears the impending flood threat will finally come to fruition last this weekend/early next week. In fact, the forecast is to be at major stage by Monday! Note the record stage there at 40.8′ – the current forecast is to be at 35.4′ by Tuesday. This could vary quite a bit depending upon how fast the snow melts and also if there is heavy rain accompanying the snow melt. The current forecast is a 40% chance of a record crest of the Red River at Fargo, ND. Let’s hope for the best and hope Mother Nature cooperates!

HPC Precipitation Forecast

NOAA’s HPC 5 day precipitation forecast suggests minimal amounts of precipitation in the Red River Valley over the next 5 days, that’s good news! The bad news, is that 1″ to 2″ of precipitation could fall across parts of the Ohio Valley and the Mississippi Valley where flooding is currently ongoing. This may help to invigorate additional flooding concerns over the coming days.

Where’s Spring!

There is a little light at the end of this long, dark and narrow tunnel… Hang in there! A modest warm up is expected by the weekend ahead for many in the middle part of the country.

Cool Temps

The 850mb temperatures show a decent surge of cool/cold air across the middle part of the country today. Temperatures are a good 20° to 30° below average.

Warming Trend!

A surge of warmth will manage to sneak up into the Upper Midwest by the weekend. The 850mb temp map for Sunday looks quite a bit warmer doesn’t it?!

Highs Sunday

Ahh… Now that’s more like it! Temperatures for a large chunk of the middle part of the country will finally be at or above normal for a change. It amazing how excited folks are to be back to normal!

Thanks for checking in, have a great rest of your week.

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