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Dangerous Flash Flooding in Virginia Thursday

16 Sep 2021, 4:00 pm

Slow moving, heavy thunderstorms impacted the I-95 corridor at the height of rush hour on Thursday, bringing 2-4″ of rainfall across portions of Virginia. Multiple flash flood warnings were issued for Washington D.C. and Richmond, VA as flood waters rose.

You never know what is in floodwaters, so please do not try and drive through them or get out and wade through flood waters if you can avoid it. Many waters are filled with bacteria and debris. Flooding also impacted the I-95 corridor into our Nation’s Capitol, bringing traffic to a halt.

A flash flood watch is in effect through the end of the day on Thursday to account for locally heavy rain. Unfortunately with so much of the mid-Atlantic being urban, we anticipate metro areas flooding quickly, especially if storms develop over already saturated ground.

An additional 1-3″ of rainfall will occur during thunderstorms.

A cold front moved through the area on Thursday, and combined with onshore flow from a nearby area of tropical interest, we saw heavy rain develop quickly during the afternoon hours, but move slowly, leading to the flooding.

For more on the flooding aftermath, join WeatherNation :10 past the hour for the eastern regional forecast.

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