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Dangerous Heat, Flooding Trouble Spots, East Coast Severe

28 Jun 2013, 11:59 am

The southwest will be dangerously hot today and through the weekend. As high pressure builds in, temperatures in some of the dessert locations will be the 120 degree range.  Phoenix, AZ has the possibility of setting a new record today.

In this type of situation, keeping cool and hydrated is the primary concern.  Running a marathon (let alone 50 miles!) is not what comes to mind but some die hard runners will be doing just that in these extreme conditions.

Due to the ridiculously hot weather during this race, numerous precautions are taken to ensure the runners are safe.  Some of the requirements include a mandatory assessment of the runners cooling equipment.  Race officials must ensure that each runner has proper hydration and sun protection during the race.  There are also periodic weight checks through out the race.  If the runner has lost more than 4% of their body weight, the runner will be pulled out the race.

Midwest Cool Down

After a warm and humid week, a shift in the winds will bringing some cooler and drier air.  A northwesterly flow develops across the region with high pressure to the west and low pressure moving over the Northeast.

Cooler air sinks all the way down to St. Louis, where highs will only be in the upper 70s by tomorrow.

Northeast Flooding

A tremendous amount of rain has fallen across the Northeast with more on the way for today and into the weekend. As a trough dives into the Southeast, a warm and moist southerly flow develops along the Eastern Seaboard.  That will be fueling storms through the weekend and driving up temperatures across the Northeast.

Up to 3 inches still possible through Sunday in already saturated areas.  Numerous flood watches and warnings in effect.  Severe threat for day stretches from New England, through the Mid Atlantic, and westward across the Southeast.

National Forecast

Warm weather from the west expands northward to include Washington with highs up into the 80s into the weekend.

Happy Friday!

Meteorologist Gretchen Mishek

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